SustainMobility is a non-profit social enterprise that is committed to fostering sustainable transportation solutions.

Our team is a collection of passionate and dedicated individuals from a diverse range of backgrounds but all with a united passion to deliver exceptional results.

Imagining new ways of approaching and solving problems is something we love to do. We develop a toolbox of programs designed to help people embrace green transportation options. 

With an organization based upon collaboration and innovation, our team works tirelessly to develop and continually build upon the programs we offer. 

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Studies show 85% of Canadian adults do not engage in enough physical activity. Physical activity is a critical component of staying healthy. Finding time to incorporate the recommended 30 minutes of daily physical activity is often a daunting task for people. Between household chores, work demands and everything in between, it's difficult to find dedicated time to exercise. 

That’s why in 2013, we launched our turnkey bike fleet program CycleLoan, in an effort to inspire employees to start moving during business hours by using active, healthy and sustainable transportation.

The concept behind CycleLoan is simple: provide a quick and simple way to execute a bike fleet program that requires minimal infrastructure. While public bike sharing programs can be challenging to implement and require a significant amount of maintenance and financial investment, the CycleLoan bike fleet program is easy to maintain, affordable and flexible.

CycleLoan Program Overview: