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Make a statement. Custom brand CycleLoan bicycles with your organization's logo and spread awareness about your support for green initiatives.

The CycleLoan bicycle is a dutch style, 3-speed bike that is delivered and assembled on-site by a professional bike mechanic.

The bikes are fully loaded with accessories and safety equipment:

  • Bike basket
  • Mirror and bell
  • Flashing front and rear lights
  • Kryptonite U-Lock
  • Solid axle wheel pinhead locks
  • Internal bike seat lock
  • Helmet

View the CycleLoan bike specifications. 


An annual Maintenance Plan ensures the bicycles are always in proper working order.

The Plan includes two scheduled visits by a professional bike mechanic. More frequent service can be arranged if required. 

An annual Maintenance Plan includes:

  • Cleaning bicycle and parts
  • Gear tune-up
  • Brake adjustment
  • Shift adjustment
  • Tire pressure check
  • Lubricate and clean chain
  • Inspect headset and bottom bracket bearings
  • Inspect axles and quick releases
  • Tighten bolts
  • Identifying suggested repairs


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Studies show 85% of Canadian adults do not engage in enough physical activity. That’s why in 2013, we launched our turnkey bike fleet program CycleLoan in an effort to inspire employees to start moving by using active, sustainable transportation options during business hours.  

Annual Promotion

To help celebrate cycling and active living, we introduced the annual Show Us Your CycleLoan Love photo contest. The contest invites employees at participating organizations to take out a CycleLoan bike and submit a photo that captures why they love to travel by bicycle. This is an opportunity for individuals to get creative and get active! 

View submissions from the Show Us Your CycleLoan Love contest.